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8 Awesome Gift Ideas this Christmas 2016

8 Awesome Gift Ideas for this Christmas 2016

Christmas season is drawing closer. Many people are flocking to shopping stores to purchase presents for their friends and family. It is often exciting, yet stressful, to pick the perfect gifts for our loved ones. We may feel unsure if the presents we give others will be well-received by them.

Here are some cool, unique and awesome ideas for the perfect gifts that you could give to your family and friends this holiday season!

1. DIY Lego Mug
Sick and tired of the cookie-cutter mugs that people love to present as gifts? Look no further. The DIY Lego Mug allows for one to customize one’s favorite Lego designs onto a mug. Get creative with what you can attach on the sides of the mug so that it feels personal and caters to the style and preferences of the mug’s recipient. Most likely, your friends and family would put draw a wide smile all over when they receive this. Click here to find out more now!


2. The World's Cutest Dog Coin Bank
This exceptionally charming Coin Bank makes for a fun gift idea for children and maybe even adults! Place a coin in the dog bowl, and watch it go crazy trying to eat the coin! It’s ideal for inculcating the value of saving early on in life, in a fun and enjoyable manner. Click here to find out more now!

3. Christmas LED Lighting
A colourful light symbolizes the spirit of Christmas and this set of LED Christmas Lights is perfect for creating the Christmassy atmosphere in your own home! It is energy-efficient and is available in many different colors. Click here to find out more now!

4. Clever Cutter
The Clever Cutter is a perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts and domestic goddesses alike. This simple tool dramatically increases the efficiency in food preparation and reduces wastage. The razor sharp edge of the Clever Cutter allows you to chop up pieces of food effortlessly. A MUST HAVE for any cook! Click here to find out more now!

5. Christmas Silverware Holder
What better way to celebrate Christmas than to get a present which can be shared and used by the entire family? This lovely Christmas Silverware holder set is made with polyester and pitch. Spread the Christmas love throughout your household! Click here to find out more now!

6. Blue Baby Reindeer, 2-piece set
This is a perfect gift for any child aged 4- 24 months. The Yellow Baby Reindeer set amps up the cute factor in any baby and its theme is well suited for this holiday season. It is designed to look great without compromising comfort. Click here to find out more now!

7. Big Elephant Plush Toy
With so many young ones in the house, a giant elephant plush toy can never go wrong! So far these are selling like hotcakes as even adults find it nice especially animal lovers. Comes in five different colours and easy to match any bedding set or couch! Click here to find out more now!

8. Magic Sequin Pillow Case ( Comes in 9 colors!)
This sweet luxury sequin pillow case makes for a wacky Christmas present. What’s so different about it? It has a decorative shimmer that allows it to change color. Ideal for keeping children busy, and definitely a great conversation starter for your house guests! Click here to find out more now!


In the midst of all the gift exchanges, delectable dinners and party, we must always remember the real essence of Christmas, which is Sharing. Here at Family Fervor, we are committed to help you find the perfect gift for you and your loved ones this holiday season. Share this post with your family and friends!

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