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Welcoming your first child into the world

Eve B, from motherhood blog, ArrowsOfAQuiver, shares her experiences preparing for the birth of her first child Hannah.

Personally, after I was shown the ultrasound scan of my daughter Hannah, I started researching on things to purchase for my little girl. Here is a list of some of the must-have items for any new mother and her newborn child.

1. Baby clothes

I was thrilled when I found that I was expecting a girl. There were so many different types of baby apparel and accessories to choose from; dresses, headbands, onesies and rompers - You name it, the stores have it.

Quick Tip: Newborn and infants outgrow their clothing very quickly. They also require a change in clothes several times a day. Do make sure that you have plenty of clothing for your little ones.

2. Baby Slings or carriers

Investing in a good baby carrier and sling is important if you would like to baby wear. Baby wearing promotes bonding of the parent and child via close contact. It reduces the hassle of taking out your child in public and allows you the freedom to shop in crowded malls or supermarkets without worry. I tried the baby sling when my girl was in her infancy and upgraded to the Beco Butterfly baby carrier when she was more than 3 months old. As Hannah grew older and heavier, I switched my Beco carrier for the Manduca Baby Carrier, my favourite product by far.

3. Strollers/Prams

There is a huge variety of strollers and prams in the market and the right one for you really depends on your lifestyle choices. Personally, I use a normal Maclaren Texhno XT umbrella stroller for day to day use and a lightweight travel stroller for vacations.


4. Nursing covers

I believe that breastfeeding one's baby can provide numerous health benefits for him/her. As such, a nursing cover is going to be very useful when nursing your child in public places. I have nursed my children in various places such as on public transportation, shopping centres, and churches.

I recommend purchasing a few nursing covers for hygiene and convenience. It is also wise to invest in one that has a handle for access to your breastfeeding child. These covers with handles also provide better airflow for your child.

5. Car seats

If you intend to drive, please make sure that your child is safely secured to a reliable and sturdy car seat. Numerous studies have shown that many child injuries can be prevented with child seats.

Car seats are available in many shapes and sizes. You can choose between bulkier car seats which can last from 0 months - 4 years, or smaller ones which are only useful for infants (those that can be attached/detached to strollers). The former can be used for several years but I found it moving the car seat to be a huge hassle (unless the car seat is left in the car at all times).

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