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Decal - Rear Wiper Dalmatian Decal Sticker

Rear Wiper Dalmatian Decal Sticker

$14.99 $30.00

Cute Dalmatian Dog Decal Sticker to decorate your rear window and wiper. BUY IT NOW!

Side View Size: 15.5 cm X 35 cm (6.1 inches X 13.8 inches)
Rear View Size: 14 cm X 33.5 cm (5.5 inches X 13.2 inches)
Tail Size: 35 cm X 2.5 cm (13.8 inches X 1 inch)


Item is in limited supply! Hurry while stocks last!

Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks of shipping time for the delivery of your item :)

Video of Decal Installation

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